Project Purpose/Overview

The focus of this Plan is on the northern section of Main Street/SR 49 in Angels Camp, north of the SR 4/49 intersection, representing approximately one-third of a mile of the Main Street corridor. State Route 49 is the only connecting roadway from the uses in the northern end of town to the rest of Angles Camp. This area of town has limited to no pedestrian infrastructure; however, is an important gap in multimodal access for the residential neighborhoods and services in this area of town. This area of town also houses two of the City’s high density residential neighborhoods including low-income/Section 8 housing, in addition to future planned development for a mix of land uses including low to high density residential, service/retail, and commercial. The roadway in this section consists of wide shoulders where large trucks and visitors park as a resting area from the State Highway, which interferes with safe pedestrian access.

In collaboration with the City of Angels, CCOG, Caltrans and the community the The project will incorporate transit and other pedestrian safety improvements on SR 49 in the northern area of Angels Camp. The process will provide for facilitated community and stakeholder outreach and will result in conceptual designs and necessary technical data for a competitive Active Transportation Program grant application.

The resulting plan will be consistent with recently completed planning efforts connecting to this area of town including the SR 4/49 Gateway Corridor Study and Angels Camp Main Street Plan. This Plan fills a gap in needed planning for future improvements to connect this area of town to the rest of the community.

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